180,000 metric tons of a wide array of fruit for the European market

We process apples, pears, peaches, tomatoes, kiwis, apricots, berries, grapes and sour cherries into high-quality products and sell them mainly throughout Europe. We obtain this fruit from conventional cultivation as well as from organic farms and contract growing for the baby food industry.

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Fruit Juice Juice concentrate Puree Puree concentrate Aroma Mash
Apple kb kb kb k kb k
Apricot k k kb k   k
Sweet Pear kb kb kb k k k
Pear Williams k   kb k   k
Pear Guyot     k      
Vegetables kb          
Blueberry kb   b      
Raspberry kb k kb k    
Elderberry kb k        
Blackcurrant kb kb b   k  
Kiwi (green)   k kb   k  
Kiwi (yellow)     k      
Yellow Plum   k k      
Nectarine   k kb k k  
Peach k kb kb k k  
Plum kb k kb k   k
Lingonberry kb          
Sour Cherry kb k k k   k
Tomato kb kb     k  
Grape (red) kb          
Grape (white) kb b        

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