Regional roots – Zipperle from past to present

The best products from the best growing area: For over 60 years, the philosophy of Hans Zipperle AG has been dominated by quality standards, accompanied by continuous development. Here we present the most important milestones of our family business.

1951 Hans Zipperle founds a family business producing fruit-based soft drinks and apple juice
50s Export of grape juice to Germany starts
60s Hydraulic presses are used for the first time and production of apple juice concentrates begins
70s Production of fruit pulp begins
First production of tomato juice
80s Expansion of the business, increase in capacity and investment in state-of-the-art technology
Start of processing of fruits from organic cultivation and for baby food
90s Introduction of modern, energy-saving production and quality management
1998 Award of Eco Audit
2003 Extension of the fruit unloading area for stone and pomaceous fruits to be processed for fruit pulp; modernisation of the filtration of clear fruit juices and concentrates
2008 Installation of a photovoltaic system
2009 Creation of 2 new fruit puree production lines
2010 Initial certification: IFS, BRC, ISO 2200, ISO 9000
2013 concentrator and aseptic drum filler for puree concentrates with high viscosity
2014 Construction of a high-bay warehouse with room for around 1,300 pallets
2016 Halal Certification
2018 Construction of a new hall with deep-freeze cells and cooling cells for the storage of barrels, as well as a commissioning hall with loading ramps for trucks

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